Yuzu Kosho Red 50g

Brand: Kishino  Category: Japanese

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Kosho is a fermented paste made from yuzu, salt and chilli. Yuzu is a uniquely Japanese citrus fruit, notoriously difficult to grow. The flavour of yuzu is somewhere between lime, grapefruit and pomelo, however it is much more intense and sour.

Kushino make their kosho by salting and fermenting the yuzu peel and chillies separately for a year. They are then gently ground (using no heat at all) and blended together.

Just a tiny amount of Kosho adds a huge fresh bright flavour burst to all kinds of dishes. The green kosho works particularly well with grilled meats and raw seafood. The red kosho (made using late season red chillies) goes with gamey meats and fattier fish such as salmon.