Dashi Shoyu 500mL

Brand: Yamaki Jozo  Category: Japanese

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Dashi is the broth or stock that forms the foundation of many dishes in Japanese cuisine, most famously miso soup. It is made from dried tuna flakes (katsuobushi) and seaweed (konbu) and sometimes dried mushroom (shiitake).  Despite its simplicity, dashi is full of flavour and umami.

Yamaki Jozo make very traditional soy sauce (shoyu) using Japanese whole soy beans which are fermented for two years in cedar barrels. Even in Japan, this is rare, very high quality soy sauce.

This is a Dashi Soy Sauce which is packed full of dashi components such as Katsuobushi, Konbu, and dried Shiitake. You cannot be duplicate this sauce in a restaurant or home kitchen.

Try it on nappe egg dishes, add a dash to béchamel sauce, or spoon over silken tofu. An instant and natural Umami enhancer!